Welschriesling has nothing to do with the Rhine Riesling and is grown throughout Central/Southern Europe.
origin Probably Northern Italy
ancestry unknown
Global Vineyard Area 8,126 Hectares / 0.18%
other names Aminea Gemela, Biela Sladka, Bielasladka Grasica, Glasica, Grasavina Italian, Grasevina, Graševina, Grasica, Groshevina, Italian Riesling, Laški Riesling, Nemes Olasz Rizling, Olaszrizling, Olasz Riesling, Petit Riesling, Petracing, Riesling, Petracine, Rakusky , Riesling Italian, Riesling Italico, Riesling Italiananskii, Riesling Vlashskii, Risling, Riesling Italico, Riesling Vlašský, Italian Graseviana, Italian Riesling, Vlasak, Italian Riesling, Ryzlink vlašský, Ryzlink
bunch of grapes Medium aftertaste, juicy, dense, round berries with a thin skin
Blatt Medium-sized with three to five lobes and smooth surface with serrated and sharp teeth
maturing time Late
ideal floor Magnesium-based soil
wine characteristics
Welschriesling wines are generous with acidity and have a fruity bouquet with notes of green apple and lemon.
wine regions
Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia