St. Laurent

St. Laurent
St. Laurent is a small berry grape that produces cherry-flavored wines that have been compared to a deeper-colored, bolder version of Pinot Noir.
origin Probably Lower Austria, Austria
ancestry Natural burgundy seedling
Global Vineyard Area 3,007 Hectares / 0.07%
other names Blauer Saint Laurent, Chvartser, Laourentstraoube, Laurenzitraube, Laurenztraube, Lorentstraube, Lorenztraube, Lovrenac Crni, Lovrijenac, Lovrijenac Crni, Saint Laurent, Saint Lorentz, Sankt Laurent, Sankt Lorenztraube, Sant Lorentz, Schwarzer, Schwarzer Lorenzt , Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
bunch of grapes Medium-sized, compact berries, oval in shape and bluish-black in color
Blatt Medium-sized, wavy with five lobes
maturing time mid-early season
ideal floor Alluvial gravel soil with brown soil
wine characteristics
St. Laurent wines are typically deep purple in color, structured yet silky with a distinctive dark cherry flavor. Notes of blackberries, smoke and spices are also frequently exhibited.
wine regions
Austria, Czech Republic, Germany