Samling (Scheurebe)

Samling (Scheurebe)
Sämling / Scheurebe wines are highly aromatic and are often used for sweet wines. The production of dry wines has become more common in Germany.
origin Germany
ancestry Breed made from Riesling and bouquet grapes
Global Vineyard Area 1,984 Hectares / 0.04%
other names Alzey p. 88, Dr. Wagnerrebe, S 88, Seedling, Seedling 88, Scheu, Scheu 88 and Scheu Riesling
bunch of grapes Medium-sized, dense, round, yellowish-green berries
Blatt Medium-sized, circular, deeply lobed
maturing time mid season
ideal floor Hardy soil, high drought tolerance, limestone and very hardy to winter frost.
wine characteristics
Sämling / Scheurebe wines, made from fully ripe grapes, have notable blackcurrant aromas and notes of grapefruit. Dry wines can be quite full-bodied, but when made from underripe grapes, they tend to have more of a grapefruit component
wine regions
Germany, Austria, USA, Canada, Australia, Switzerland