Known as the king of white wines, Riesling is an aromatic grape variety with floral aromas and high acidity. It is used to make sweet, semi-sweet, dry and sparkling white wines.
origin Rhine, Germany
ancestry Natural crossing of Weißer Heunisch x Franconian variety (Traminer seedling)
Global Vineyard Area 50,060 Hectares / 1.09%
other names Rheinriesling, Johannisberger
bunch of grapes small but dense yellowish-green clusters
Blatt Medium-sized, five lobes with a rough surface and a very hairy underside.
maturing time Late
ideal floor rocky floors
wine characteristics
As an aromatic wine, Riesling mainly has aromas of orchards such as nectarine, apricot, apples and pears. Secondary notes of honeycomb, jasmine or lime peel as well as petroleum are typical.
wine regions
Germany, Austria, Serbia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Luxembourg, Northern Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, China, Ukraine, USA