Neuburger produces small, thick-skinned fruits that result in wines of considerable texture and body with spicy overtones.
origin Probably Wachau, Austria
ancestry Natural crossing of Roter Veltliner x Sylvaner.
Global Vineyard Area 964 Hectares / 0.02%
other names Brubler, Brugler, Feher Neuburger, Feher Neuburgi, Feher Neuburgi Ujvari, Neiburger, Neuburg, Neuburger Alb, Neuburger blanc, Neuburger Weisser, Neuburgi, Neuburgske, Neuburske, Neue Rebe, Neuburger Bijeli, Nojburger, Novogradski, Ujvari, Weisser Neuburger
bunch of grapes Small to medium-sized with compact, yellow-green berries.
Blatt Large with three to five lobes
maturing time Large with three to five lobes
ideal floor Dry, poor soil
wine characteristics
Neuburg wines are pleasantly tasteless, but mostly strong with a mild acidity. The aroma of young wines is spicy and floral, and mature wines have characteristics of nut aromas.
wine regions
Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia