The Zweigelt grape variety brings soft tannins with slightly violet-reddish colored wines.
origin Austria, LFZ Klosterneuburg
ancestry race off St. Laurent x Blaufränkisch
Global Vineyard Area 9,847 Hectares / 0.21%
other names Blauer Zweigelt, Rotburger, Zweigeltrebe
bunch of grapes Medium-sized, compact, cylindrical, blue-black
Blatt Round to pentagonal with three to five lobes
maturing time mid season
ideal floor Heavier sandy soils
wine characteristics
Zweigelt wines have a wonderful combination of intense berry fruitiness and an appealing sour tartness that equates to a refreshing wine. Zweigelt wines are light, contain very few tannins and have fairly high acidity.
wine regions
Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Belgium, Canada, USA